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The main purpose of Rhinoceros 5 is to create polygonal curves, geometrically complex surfaces and further transform them into 3D models.

Rhinoceros 5 is used primarily for design and design purposes in various spheres of life. With the help of this software package, you can easily create models of interiors, furniture, clothes, shoes, advertising signs, jewelry and much more.

The difference between Rhinoceros 5 and monstrous products (such as Autocad, SolidWorks, 3Ds MAX, Maya) is the simplicity and availability of concise teaching materials for the fastest possible start. In addition, after the end of the 3-month trial period, you can continue to work with Rhinoceros 5 in training mode.

But Rhinoceros 5 has something in common with expensive professional products. In particular, support for popular file formats, the ability to connect a large number of plug-ins with the most diverse functionality and the presence of a community of fans that help each other solve certain problems.

All this has made the Rhinoceros 5 program one of the favorites of many users who do not want to spend a lot of time and bother with learning the most complex software packages. The application is available for Windows and Mac users.

What can Rhinoceros 5
The program Rhinoceros 5, in spite of its seeming simplicity, refers to professional applications for 3D modeling. Moreover, it is convenient to create parametric drawings (as in Autocad), as well as the 3D models themselves (as in 3Ds MAX).

Modeling in Rhinoceros 5 is carried out using the NURBS technology, in which curves are plotted using points, and then the surface is reconstructed using these curves.