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3D Model by Panaristi

Originally modelled in cinema4D 16.

- Phong shading interpolation / Smoothing - 35°

NOTE: The file contains only the model without any textures.

- c4d
- Polygones - 731523 Vertices - 667068 - 225 Objects

- obj File - lwo file - 3ds file - fbx file Version 2010

Command version of the Panzer 3 Ausf.E. The main gun and all the equipment associated with it had been removed to make way for extra radio equipment, and so a dummy gun barrel was put in place. The main turret itself was bolted in place and as a result the turret mounted machine gun, which was the only weapon carried on the Panzerbefehlswagen III, had a limited 60 degree traverse.
The main identifying feature of the Panzerbefehlswagen III was the large frame antenna required for the FuG 8, which resembles a hand rail placed around the rear deck of the tank.
The different Sd Kfz numbers ( 266, 267, 268) refer to the radio equipment installed.

Let’s take a look into more details of this model of PzBefWg III – Ausf.E – Command Tank.

The Panzer 3 was designed and developed by Daimler Benz in 1935 for the Nazi army & it was extensively used by Adolf Hitler’s army in World War 2. It was a medium type tank and remains in service from 1939 – 1945.

Let’s explain its specifications so you can understand its features clearly. The mass of the tank is 23 tonnes, the length was 18 feet 3 inches, width 9 feet 6 inches, & height 8 feet 2 inches. A total of 5 crews can operate it at a time. It was fully loaded with primary & secondary armors.

As you can see in this 3D model of the PzBefWg III – Ausf.E – Command Tank, this model can be used with various applications such as animated movies, school & college projects, scientific research, education purpose, war games, and many more projects. This PzBefWg III – Ausf.E – Command Tank model showcases a detailed textured area of a real Panzer tank. It gives us high definition visualization of the object from all angles and the detailed overview of each part of the war Tank as you can see its images above.

In the specification section, you can see various file formats for the PzBefWg III – Ausf.E – Command Tank model. You can use these file formats with various supporting rendering software available.

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  • Vertices667068
  • Polygons731523
  • GeometryPolygonal
  • AnimatedNo
  • MaterialsNo
  • RiggedNo
  • TexturesNo
  • File-formats3D Studio (.3ds), Autodesk FBX file (.fbx), Cinema 4D (.c4d), Lightwave (.lwo, .lw, .lws), Wavefront (.obj)
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Published on: February 13, 2011