Tank 3D Models

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3D Models of Military Tank Vehicles for 3D modeling and rendering of graphics.

The tank is an armored tracked fighting vehicle with powerful cannon armament, usually in a rotating turret, designed primarily for direct fire.

In the early stages of development of tank building, they were with exclusively machine-gun armament were sometimes produced, and after the Second World War, experiments were conducted to create them with rocket armament as the main one. Known options for them with flame-throwing weapons. The definitions of an armored combat vehicle were different in different armies, as their purpose and methods of use, changed at different times.

In the First World War they may be unrecognizable as modern tanks (for example, Saint-Chamonix), or, for example, a number of specialists Swedish machine Strv-103 is classified not as a tank, but as a destroyer. The heavy assault Tortoise (A39), although it was called a tank, did not have a turret and, therefore, some experts belong to the super-heavy ACS. Some tracked armored combat vehicles (for example, Type 94), which were called “small tanks”.

The main difference between the modern armored vehicles and other combat vehicles with cannon armament is the ability to quickly carry fire in a wide range of horizontal angles. Overwhelmingly, this possibility is realized through the installation of the gun in a full-swing turret. Although there are a few exceptions. Self-propelled artillery can be structurally similar to a tank, but is designed to solve other tasks: destroying enemy vehicles from ambushes or fire support of troops from a closed firing position, therefore it has some differences, first of all, it concerns the superiority of firepower over tanks.