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WWII Deutsche Fallschirmj�ger.
When the Luftwaffe began forming parachute units in the late-1930s, the first parachute regiment was designated Fallschirm-J�ger-Regiment 1. German paratroopers became known as Fallschirmj�ger (Fallschirm is German for parachute). At first, Fallschirmj�ger was applied only to genuine airborne-qualified troops, but the term was retained for Fallschirmj�ger regiments and divisions even after they began operating as regular infantry. A number of Luftwaffe Feld-Divisionen (field divisions), regular ground combat units raised by the Luftwaffe, also used the term Luftwaffen-J�ger-Regiment for their infantry regiments. Many of these were later taken over by the army but retained the name J�ger-Regiment.

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Published on: February 13, 2011
3D Artist: WW2Model