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3D Models of Human Characters, human types including female and male faces, head, body parts for 3d modeling and rendering of people in high-resolution graphics for games, visualizations, and animations. You can create animated people and even more!

In modern systematics, a biological species Homo sapiens (Latin Homo sapiens) belongs to the genus Human (Homo) from the hominid family in the order of primates of the mammalian class.

A relatively large brain, a five-fingered grasping hand with flat nails and an opposing thumb and some other features are common to humanity and most primates. According to the results of studies of comparative anatomy, physiology, molecular biology, immunogenetics, and pathology, African apes, chimpanzees, and to a somewhat lesser extent gorilla, are the closest to humans. Human and chimpanzee DNAs have at least 98.5% of similar genes.

The human types have s a number of differences from monkeys.

– legs are longer than arms,
– S-shaped spine with noticeable cervical and lumbar curves,
– the shape, size, and location of some muscles and ligaments associated with an upright walk,
– low extended pelvic shape,
– in the anteroposterior direction, the chest is relatively flat,
– foot vaulted, having a massive and reduced thumb while reducing the remaining fingers,
– full contrast of thumb,
– well developed papillary patterns on finger-pads.

The human brain is also distinguished by some features, absolutely and relatively very large size (on average, its weight exceeds the mass of the brain of chimpanzees and gorillas by 3-4 times),
progressive differentiation of areas of the brain that may be associated with the development of articulate speech (its frontal, inferior, temporal lobes).
There are other differences from primates, for example, anatomical features associated with the complication of the voice apparatus, including the special voice muscle of the larynx
enlargement of the brain cranium due to facial
hair degeneration

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