Soldiers 3D Models

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Soldiers 3D models on Flatpyramid are represented with soldiers from different countries.

Soldier (from Italian. Soldo – soldo from Lat. Soldus, Solidus – solid)

Primary, junior, lower, military rank, private in the armies of many states; the category of military personnel and persons liable for military service in the Armed Forces of a number of states;

In a broad sense – a military man in any rank experienced in military affairs; possessing military qualities.

In a figurative sense, a member of an organization or a public movement who has dedicated himself to serving their goals and objectives (for example, a soldier of the revolution).

Earlier, in the Middle Ages, mercenaries of various types of weapons in various states.

For the first time, the term “soldier” appeared around 1250 in Italy, where mercenary soldiers were called that, who received salaries for military service. The word comes from the name of the petty small change coin. The term emphasized the low cost of a mercenary warrior and the equally low value of his life.

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