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Character – the protagonist of the play, movie, book, game, etc. Characters can be completely fictional or taken from real life (stories). Characters can be people, animals, supernatural, mythical, divine beings, or personified abstract entities. The process of presenting information about characters in fiction is called a characteristic.

In the usual sense of the same as a literary hero. Most often, a character is an actor. But here, two interpretations are different:

The person represented and characterized in action, not in descriptions; then the heroes of dramaturgy and role-images most closely correspond to the concept of a character.
Any actor, subject of action in general. In such an interpretation, the actor is contrasted only to a “pure” subject of experience, speaking in lyrics, because the term character does not apply to the so-called. “Lyrical hero”: you can not say “lyrical character.”
Under the character is sometimes understood only a minor person. In this understanding, the term character refers to the narrowed meaning of the term hero – the central person or one of the central faces of the work. The expression “episodic character” was formed on this basis.

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