Diagnostic 3D Models

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Medical Equipment 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Medical diagnostics – a complex of activities and research aimed at establishing a diagnosis, ie the exact cause of the disease, as well as changes in the internal environment of the organism and associated diseases, and the appointment of effective treatment of the disease. Medical diagnostics is divided into semiotics; methods of examination of patients, which are divided into the laboratory, instrumental and physical methods of examination; as well as the methodological foundations for establishing a diagnosis.

The process of establishing a diagnosis begins from the very beginning of the examination of the patient in a medical institution or during a doctor’s call at the patient’s place of residence. Diagnosis of the disease begins from the collection of anamnesis of the disease. After collecting the anamnesis, the doctor conducts a review of the patient, during which he carries out percussion and auscultation of the patient, palpation of the disease site, measures the patient’s blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rate, and measures the body temperature of the patient. Data from anamnesis and a patient’s review are recorded in the medical records.