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3D Models of Truck Parts including components for pickups, trucks SUV, sports utility vehicles, semi truck military truck ford 3d trucks 3D GM truck.

Long-haul trucks are intended for the carriage of goods as part of road trains, that is, working together with one or more trailers and/or semi-trailers. Truck tractors equipped with a special saddle device (saddle) instead of the body that allows you to quickly change the trailed train are designed for working with semi-trailers. In Europe, the total mass of road trains is limited to 44 tons, but in some countries, for example, Sweden and Finland, it is increased to 60 tons. In Australia, on the inland roads, there are also heavier road trains with a gross weight of up to 105 tons, the so-called Road Train, the number of trailers in which reaches four to five.

American trucks, as a rule, are made according to the classic bonnet layout, and European ones, due to the limitation of the length of the road train, are designed with a “cab above the engine” layout. Currently, all long-haul tractors are equipped exclusively with diesel and turbo diesel engines, although as early as the 1950s and 1960s, experiments were conducted on the use of gas turbine units (GTE) on tractors. All over the world, so-called ballast towers with a shortened body filled with special ballast for increasing grip weight are used to tow heavy trailers and to transport superheavy loads. The power of their engines can reach 800–1200 liters. with., and the total mass of such a heavy-duty train – exceed 2000 tons.

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