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Penis 3D models on Flatpyramid.

The penis is one of the external organs of the man performing the functions of the genitourinary and reproductive systems. Used by the body for excretion of urine, coitus, and ejaculation.

In the penis, its root or base (lat. Rádix pénis), body or stem (lat. Córpus pénis) and head (lat. Glans pénis) are distinguished. The trunk of the penis is formed by three longitudinal anatomical structures: two capable of filling blood during erection of the cavernous bodies and one spongy body located under them, through which the urethra passes.

The cavernous and spongy bodies of the male penis consist of a dense albuminous membrane, from which numerous crossbars – trabeculae, go inwards, the gaps between which form “caves” or lacunae (Latin cavérnae).

Cavernous bodies are located at the edges, the spongy body is in the groove between them, adjacent to their lower surface, together with the urethra or urethra passing in its thickness (Latin uréthra). Spongy body ends at the end of the penis cone-shaped thickening – the head of the penis. The edge of the head, covering the ends of the cavernous bodies, fuses with them, forming a thickening (corolla) around the circumference, behind which is the coronal groove.