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Infiniti 3D models on Flatpyramid

Infiniti is a trademark of luxury cars owned by the Japanese company Nissan. Infiniti cars are officially marketed in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, South Korea and Taiwan, and since 2007 in Ukraine. Since the foundation of the brand in 1989, more than a million cars have been sold.

The entire Infiniti range is based on existing Nissan models. Today, all sedans, coupes and crossover brands Infiniti manufactured on the platform – Nissan FM. Exception – SUV QX56, created on the platform of the Nissan F-Alpha. The name of all Infiniti models is one or two letters, followed by 2 digits, which indicate the engine volume.

Modern Nissan 3D models lineup:

  • The G35 is a sedan and coupe, analogous to the Skyline
  • G37 – sedan and coupe, analog Skyline
  • M (in variants M35 / M35x and M45) – a sedan, an analogue of Fuga
  • EX – crossover
  • FX (in variants FX35, FX45 and FX50) – crossover, analog Murano
  • JX is a seven-seat crossover, an analogue of the Pathfinder
  • The QX56 is an off-road car, an analogue of Armada and Patrol