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3D Models for Microbiology virus bacteria cell graphics.

Microbiology is a science whose subject matter is microscopic beings called microorganisms (microbes) (including: Unicellular organisms, Multicellular organisms and Cell-free organisms), their biological features and relationships with other organisms inhabiting our planet. The area of interests of this science includes their systematics, morphology, physiology, biochemistry, evolution, role in ecosystems, as well as the possibilities of practical use.

Sections of microbiology: bacteriology, mycology, virology, parasitology, and others. Depending on the ecological characteristics of microorganisms, their living conditions, established relations with the environment and practical human needs, the science of microorganisms in its development was differentiated into such special disciplines in general, medical, industrial (technical), space, geological, agricultural and veterinary microbiology.

For several thousand years before the emergence of this science, people, not knowing about the existence of microorganisms, widely used natural processes associated with fermentation to prepare kumis and other dairy products, to obtain alcohol, vinegar, and flax lotion.