Desk 3D Models

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3D Models of Desk for Home and Office Furniture.

A piece of furniture, a desk adapted for writing, working with documents, etc., and usually equipped with drawers.

The main materials for the manufacture of tables are wood, plastic, glass, metal.

The main types of such tables: straight and angular.

Tables can be transformable, for example, with a folding or sliding cover (sliding tables), have other parts (elements), by moving which you can change its functionality and (or) dimensions. Tables can be made of wood, metal, glass and other materials.

The workplace should be as adaptable and convenient as possible so as not to be distracted by the inappropriate arrangement of drawers or cabinets.

As a rule, hinged shelves or cabinets are located “under the right arm.” For a left-handed person, everything should be the opposite: the lockers should be on the left hand and open in the appropriate direction.

Popular desk 3D models file formats: 3ds, max, fbx, texture, obj