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Other Anatomy 3D Models including Medical and Excretory, Genitourinary, etc.

Human anatomy is a section of biology that studies the morphology of the human body, its systems, and organs, as well as its structure and mutual arrangement. Functional anatomy sets the task of clarifying the relationship in the structure of organs and systems of the human body with the nature of their functioning, in humans. This branch of science is important for both biology and medicine. In addition, knowledge of anatomy is necessary for applied art for the correct transfer of proportions, postures, gestures and facial expressions of man. Thus, the subject of the study of human anatomy is the form and structure, origin and development of the human body. Human anatomy is one of the fundamental disciplines in the system of medical and biological education, which is closely related to such disciplines as anthropology and human physiology, as well as comparative anatomy, evolutionary teaching, and genetics. The isolation of human anatomy from the sphere of the anatomy of living organisms is caused not only by the presence of characteristic anatomical signs in humans but also by the formation of thinking, consciousness and articulate speech in humans.

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