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Basketball – a sports team game with a ball thrown by the hands in a ring with a net (basket), fixed on the shield at an altitude of 3 meters 5 inches (10 feet) above the playground. Basketball is an Olympic sport. Two teams of 5 people are playing at a playground of 28 × 15 m.

The first men’s world championship was held in 1950, and in 1953 it was women’s. Now held every four years. The most prestigious competitions among national teams of countries are the Olympic Games, the World Basketball Championship, and among the clubs – the NBA and Europe Championship – the Euroleague ULEB, the Euro Cup and the FIAA Calling Cup.

Researchers of antiquity have long noticed that humanity, at different ends of the world and at different times, served games and fun with rounded objects. If for children it was perhaps the only fun, then for adults it turned into a certain symbolic ritual.And only from the beginning of the twentieth century, human civilization began to use the game as an entertainment to improve its body and its physical form, and then it turned into a sports competition, both at the amateur level and professional.