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3D Models of Satellites and Telescopes and other Spaceship Vehicles for 3D computer graphics modeling and rendering.

Teleskop – a device with which you can observe distant objects by collecting electromagnetic radiation (eg, visible light).

The telescope can be used as a telescope for solving problems of observing distant objects. A telescope was built in 1608 Lippersgey. Also, the creation of the telescope is attributed to his contemporary Zachariah Jansen.

The 1608 year is considered as the year of the invention of the telescope when the Dutch spectacle master John Lippershey demonstrated his invention in The Hague. Nevertheless, he was denied a patent because other masters, like Zachary Jansen from Middelburg and Jacob Metius from Alkmaar, already had copies of telescopes, and the latter, shortly after Lippersgeya, filed a request for a patent. A later study showed that, probably, telescopes were known earlier, back in 1605. In the Vitellia Supplements, published in 1604, Kepler examined the course of rays in an optical system consisting of biconcave and biconcave lenses. The earliest drawings of the simplest lens telescope (both single-lens and two-lens) were discovered in the records of Leonardo da Vinci, dating back to 1509. His record is preserved: “Make glasses to look at the full moon.”

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