Airbus 3D Models

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Airbus SE is one of the largest aircraft manufacturing companies in the world, formed in the late 1960s through the merger of several European aircraft manufacturers. It produces passenger, cargo and military transport aircraft under the Airbus brand.

Although the company is considered a “European” aircraft manufacturer, from a legal point of view it is a French legal entity headquartered in Blagnac (a suburb of Toulouse, France). In 2001, under French law, it was merged into a joint-stock company or “S.A.S.”

The only shareholder of the company is Airbus Group (until 2014, it was called EADS). Until October 2006, 20% of the shares belonged to the British BAE Systems; This package was bought by EADS for 2.75 billion euros.

Since 2012, the president of the company is Fabrice Bregier.

The Airbus product lineup began in the early 70s with the A300 twin-engine aircraft. The shortened version of the A300 is known as the A310. Based on the lack of success of the A300, the company began developing the A320 medium-haul project with an innovative fly-by-wire control system. First flew in 1987, the A320 was the biggest commercial success for the company. Airbus A318 and A319 are short versions of the A320, which with some changes are offered by Airbus for the corporate jet market (Airbus Corporate Jet). The extended version of the A320 is known as the A321 and competes with the later Boeing 737 models.