Ceilings 3D Models

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3D Ceiling Objects for architectural 3d models.

The ceiling is the lower part of the enclosing structure that bounds the room above. It can be directly the lower part or cover, or suspended – formed by special structural elements.

When building as a ceiling in the premises most often serves a concrete slab, which serves as a divider between the floors. Thus, its lower part becomes the ceiling, the upper – the floor of the upper floor. In addition to performing the function of separating floors, it is also often a support for chandeliers, fire detectors, motion sensors, and sometimes security cameras.

Since during the construction process it is not always possible to ensure an even joint of the plates (mechanical damage during transportation or installation), after the object is handed over, uneven and embossed protrusions can be observed on the surface of the ceiling. For this purpose, various methods of eliminating these defects are used.