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3d-modeling and visualization of furniture allows considerably clearly to estimate advantages and disadvantages of the projected furniture in comparison with two-dimensional design. High-quality visualization gives a full sense of the color and volume of furniture you are interested in.

3d models of furniture are an integral part of the 3d design project for the premises of offices, apartments, cottages, public premises. The availability of realistic 3d models of furniture that match their real counterparts enables designers and architects to quickly and comfortably place the selected furniture units in design projects. Manufacturers, suppliers, sales of furniture with virtual 3d-bases of their products receive a non-negotiable competitive advantage in the furniture market.

As an example, to create content for the furniture catalog, the client should make all the sofas in all colors and organize a photo session of the produced products. But, of course, this is catastrophically expensive and, ultimately, not cost-effective. To reduce costs in such situations, object visualization helps to display products that do not physically exist. And the result will be no worse than a photograph.

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