Stove 3D Models

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3D Models of Gas and Electric Stove Appliances for the Kitchen.

A stove is a heating appliance for cooking. In addition to the hob with hobs, the cooker often has a built-in oven and additional compartments.

The word “stove” got the meaning of a kitchen appliance thanks to the cast-iron cooking surfaces of wood-burning stoves: initially, it was a cast-iron stove, placed instead of a brick vault above the firebox, on which pots and pans were placed. Later in the stove steel holes were made (burners) of various sizes for better heat exchange. To prevent the penetration of smoke through these openings, they were closed with metal lids made in the form of a set of concentric rings of different diameters. Setting a certain amount of them allowed to put dishes of various sizes directly on the flame

By execution, cookers are made as a separate unit or embedded. Built-in hobs usually have a separate hob and oven.

The cooking surface of the cooker consists of several burners for installing dishes on them. In the gas and electric stoves, each burner is controlled by a separate handle. Typically, burners have a different diameter and different maximum power. This is necessary in order to install dishes of different sizes on them, without fear of significant energy loss and damage to parts of dishes that are not designed for high temperature.

The oven (oven) is a heat-insulated muffle, in which heating elements are installed: gas burners or electric heaters, usually heating elements. In the oven, the required cooking temperature (baking) is maintained. Usually, the heating elements are located above and below. If the lower heater provides convection, the upper heats the food being cooked due to radiation.

The type of heating is important not only for co-ovens with a hob, it depends on the method of installation and the functionality of the oven. The oven with gas heating type usually has less cooking capacity.