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Fokker is a Dutch aircraft manufacturing company that bore its name in honor of its founder, Anton Fokker. It carried out the activities from February 1912 to March 1996. The company specialized in the design and production of various types of civil and military aircraft.

In the course of its history, the company existed under various names.

It was originally founded in 1912 as AHG Fokker Aeroplanbau in Johannistal (district of Berlin, Germany).

In 1913, after moving to Schwerin (Germany), it was renamed Fokker Aeroplanbau GmbH.

At the end of the First World War, according to the Versailles agreements of post-war Germany, it was forbidden to have your own air force fleet, design and build airplanes, and place aircraft building enterprises on German territory. Therefore, in 1919, the company was forced to transfer its activities to the Netherlands.

Combat use:

  • Training
  • Sanitary aircraft
  • Aircraft communications and intelligence
  • Fighters
  • Fighter-bombers
  • Artillery spotters
  • Stormtroopers