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3D Architectural Window Objects on Flatpyramid.

A window or a stained-glass window is an architectural detail of a building specially conceived in the building structure: an opening in the wall that serves to bring light into the room and ventilation. The location, number, and size of windows play an important role in the design of the building. Windows are the main (up to 50%) source of heat loss in buildings.

At the early stage of the development of civilization, there were no windows as such. The ancient dwellings of all regions had no windows. Up to the Middle Ages, the openings in the walls were simple holes that were covered with animal skins or cloth. Also for these purposes, a bovine bubble was used – a film taken from the peritoneum of an animal that transmitted light inside the dwelling.

In ancient Rome, the windows were without the glass. At the same time, their shape remained rectangular, but inside the window, special decorations were created, including those made of stone. The first glass windows appeared in the era of the Roman Empire, but only very wealthy citizens could afford this luxury.

In modern windows, predominantly double-glazed windows are used, less often (when reliable thermal insulation is not needed) – single glasses.