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3D Models Food Processors Appliances for the Kitchen.

Food Processor is a multifunctional electromechanical household appliance designed to process various products. A food processor combines a number of versatile functions: mixer, grater, blender, meat grinder, slicer, shredder, cleaning.

Depending on the type of device may be:

  • with juicer
  • with auger grinder
  • versatile – juicer and mincer at the same time

For the first time, small kitchen appliances were used in winemaking to mix a wine blend. Food processors gained wide recognition in the 70s of the 20th century, after the spread of the idea of American-American Frenchman Karl Sontheimer about using blenders in everyday life. According to another version, food processors go back to hand-held mills, meat grinders, and mixers (known since 1919, when Troy Metal Products released the first bulky and inconvenient device of this class). If we discard the device’s predecessors, then the time of the invention of universal food processors should be called the mid-60s of the XX century, and the inventor – Pierre Verdain, the founder of the company Robot Coupe. In the 21st century, most of the food processors in the world are produced by companies unrelated to the initial period of their history.

The main components of a food processor are the motor unit, work bowl, and nozzles.

Motor – is responsible for the rotation of the nozzles. Most often the food processor allows you to adjust the rotation speed.
The working bowl is often made of transparent plastic or glass, but sometimes of metal.