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Industrial transport 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Industrial transport is a transport of industrial enterprises, which moves objects and products of labor in the field of production. It is an integral part of the production, an important link to public transport.

The technical base of industrial transport consists of railway and automobile rolling stock, floating means, lifting and transporting and loading and unloading machines and mechanisms, transport buildings (depots, garages, repair shops), structures (roads, tracks, moorings, overpasses, galleries, etc.).

Industrial transport is divided into external and internal. External industrial transport supplies to the enterprise’s raw materials, fuel, materials, equipment, and other goods, as well as remove from the territory of enterprises the finished products at points of transfer of it to the main transport or directly to the consumer. Domestic industrial transport in the manufacturing industry includes internally shop and interiors; in the extractive industry – internally mine (underground), transport on the surface and quarry.

The main types of industrial transport are a railway, road, water, ground rocket (electric forklifts, electric cars, forklift trucks, etc.), conveyor, pneumatic conveyor, cable-hoist, monorail suspension (cable and monorail) and pipeline (hydraulic and pneumatic). The application of this or that type of transport is determined on the basis of technical and economic calculations (depending on the volume, range, and nature of transportation, type of cargo and on the local conditions) and on available capabilities. Rail and road transport has a leading role among other types of transport.