Tanker 3D Models

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3D Models of Tanker Vehicles for Industrial and Heavy Duty use.

A tanker is a sea or river cargo ship intended for the carriage of bulk cargoes.

The tanker hull is a rigid metal frame to which a metal lining is attached. The hull is divided by partitions into a number of compartments (tanks), which are filled with bulk cargoes. The volume of one tank can be from 600 to 10 000 m³ and more for large ones.

Tankers for transportation of oil and oil products are most common, but they are used to transport other liquid cargoes, including food products (for example, wine or drinking water). The first tanker in the world, called Zoroaster, was built in 1877, its deadweight was 15,000 poods (about 250 tons).

The largest tanker in the world was the Norwegian supertanker Knock Nevis. Its history began in Japan in 1976 (or in 1975 – according to some sources) at the shipyards of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, where it was built under the serial number “1016” and was transferred to the Greek shipowner, who called it “Seawise Giant”. In 1981, “Knock Nevis” was converted. The welded additional sections increased its deadweight (capacity) from 480 thousand tons to 565 thousand tons. The length is 458 meters, the width is 68.8 meters, and the draft in the load is 24.61 meters. In 2010, the ship was dismantled for scrap.