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3D Models of Body Armor Weapons.

Is an element of an armor for protection of a body (an armor, a breastplate, a chain-mail it. D.). Body armor can be ringed, lamellar and ring-lamellar.

The problem of complete security of personnel in order to avoid irretrievable losses in the conduct of hostilities always remains one of the most important. Such armor is one of the most important means of protecting a fighter. This armor is the main element of external protection worn by a fighter on the body in order to avoid receiving lethal damage to vital organs. Traditionally, armor was made of steel. However, modern warfare requires individual armor protection to provide greater mobility and flexibility. Nowadays, armor is made of dissimilar high-tech materials. As a rule, such armor consists of an external frame, soft armor protection and hard armor protection, providing protection from various threats, including pistol, rifle and rifle ammunition, shrapnel, piercing-cutting weapons, etc. In addition, such critical areas as groin , neck, shoulders and sides, can also be protected by special elements that complement the typical body armor.

The body armor of a modern soldier must be comfortable and fit for long-term wear. It should provide the mobility of the fighter and unlimited visibility. Unsuccessfully designed armor that hampers a fighter’s movements can lower his survival rate on the battlefield and jeopardize the successful completion of a combat mission.