Theaters 3D Models

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3D architectural objects may appear in different variations as well as theater 3D models.

The Theater is an architectural structure intended for performing theatrical activities.

The main elements of the theater are stage, curtain, and auditorium. Elements as choirs, orchestra pit, backstage, and ramp may appear too but it depends on the types of performances that take place in the theater.

In general, a theater building should provide good visibility and audibility of what is happening on the stage for all seats.

As a special type of building, the theater appears in ancient Greece. Originally, the theater was an open structure with an elevation in the center (stage) and rows of seats for spectators, which were located in sectors so that each successive row was slightly higher than the previous one. This feature of the location of the seats is necessary to provide every viewer with the opportunity to see what is happening on the stage and is preserved in most modern theaters.

Auxiliary and technical premises are also located in the buildings of modern theaters.

Most popular theater 3D models file formats: 3ds, max, fbx, texture, obj