Artillery 3D Models

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3D Models of Artillery Projectiles for 3d modeling and rendering of low poly graphics for games, simulations and animations.

It is one of the three oldest branches of the armed forces, the main striking force of the ground forces of the modern Armed Forces. It has a diverse classification according to its combat mission, types of weapons systems and organizational structure. It’s caliber 105 mm and larger has the ability to use chemical and biological ammunition, and since the caliber of 152-155 mm is able to use tactical nuclear munitions. Includes guns, howitzers, mortars, recoilless guns, combat vehicles, anti-tank guided missiles, and rockets; artillery and rifle ammunition; artillery vehicles – wheeled and tracked tractors and others; fire control devices; means of intelligence and fire support; all types of small arms, grenade launchers.

In addition, the term “artillery” is used to designate the type of troops, as well as the science of the device, design, production, and operation of such weapons, their combat properties, methods of shooting and combat use.