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3D Models of Desktop Computers on Flatpyramid.

Desktop (stationary) computer – a stationary personal computer designed to work in the office and at home. The term is commonly used to denote the appearance of a computer and to distinguish it from other types of computers, such as a laptop computer, a pocket computer, an embedded computer, or a server.

Until the widespread use of microprocessors, this type of computer that could fit on a table was considered surprisingly rare; most often used computers such as “mini-computer”, which had a size similar to the table. Earlier computers, as well as more productive, occupied a space the size of a whole room.

During the 1980s and 1990s, desktop computers became the dominant type, the most popular of which was the IBM PC and its clones. Then the palm caught Apple Macintosh. In the mid-1980s, the Commodore Amiga enjoyed some success, but the popularity of these computers declined in the early 1990s.

Popular games such as Doom and Quake during the 1990s pushed gamers to acquire the latest processors and graphics cards (3dfx, ATI, and Nvidia) for desktop computers (usually for computers with system units) to run these video games, although the pace of acquiring new components have slowed since the late 2000s due to the growing popularity of Intel components with integrated graphics. This forced game developers to resort to cuts in video game system requirements.