Chair 3D Models

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Chair 3D Models for Home and Office Furniture. It is furniture designed for one person to seat. It has a back and a seat with or without armrests. The chair is different from the stool by the presence of the back. The distinction is the comfortableness of the product. At the same time, the stool can be considered as a kind of chair.

Chair 3d model – the most common and massive type of furniture used by 3d artists. There are many types, models and styles of them. Perhaps this type of furniture is influenced by fashion more than any other furniture. The inventors of the chair as a seat with a back, apparently, are the ancient Egyptians, the most ancient painted furniture belong to the third millennium BC.

The main parts of it are the seat, back, and legs. Traditionally, the chair has four legs, separate or connected in pairs in the construction of the type “scissors” (X-shaped design). The number of legs can vary, there are models of chairs without separate legs – for example, a cantilever chair. The back of a chair can be structurally a continuation of the rear legs (solid rear legs) or it can be a separate element, be solid, through or type-setting.

Chairs can be hard and soft; according to the material and method of production, the chairs are carpentry (from solid wood elements), bent (from hardwood), glued (from veneer), wicker (from wicker), metal, plastic and mixed.

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