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Other 3D Models of Electronics including audio such as headphones MP3 players iPod microphone boombox sound systems speakers.

The following areas of electronics can be distinguished:

physics (microcosm, semiconductors, electromagnetic waves, magnetism, electric current, etc.) – the field of science in which the processes occurring with charged particles are studied,
Consumer electronics – household electronic devices and devices that use electrical voltage, electric current, electric field or electromagnetic waves. (For example, TV, mobile phone, iron, light bulb, electric stove, .. and others.).
Energy – generation, transportation and consumption of electricity, high-power electrical appliances (for example, electric motor, electric lamp, power plant), electric heating system, power line.
Microelectronics – electronic devices that use microchips as active elements:
optoelectronics – devices that use electric current and photon fluxes,
Audio-video equipment – devices for amplifying and converting sound and video images
digital microelectronics – devices on microprocessors or logic chips. For example, electronic calculator, computer, digital TV, mobile phone, printer, robot, a control panel of industrial equipment, means of transport, and other household and industrial devices.
An electronic device may include a variety of materials and environments where electrical signal processing takes place using different physical processes. But in any device, there is necessarily an electrical circuit.

Many scientific disciplines of technical universities are devoted to the study of various aspects of electronics.