Skyscrapers 3D Models

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3D Models of Skyscrapers and High Rise Buildings and Structures for 3d modeling and rendering of high-resolution graphics for games, visualizations, and animations.

A skyscraper is a very tall building with steel or reinforced concrete frame, designed for the life and work of people.

The minimum height of a skyscraper is controversial. In the United States and Europe, skyscrapers are considered to be buildings with a height of at least 150 m (500 feet). Emporis defines a skyscraper as a building above 100 meters, as opposed to just tall buildings (from 35 to 100 meters), and SkyscraperCity as a building above 200 meters. Skyscrapers above 300 m are defined by the Council on high-rise buildings and urban environments as super-tall, and over 600 meters are called “mega-tall”.

Categorizing high-rise buildings and compiling their ratings has some ambiguity due to the variety of measurement methods. At present, the generally accepted criteria are those developed by the Council on High-Rise Buildings and the Urban Environment.

According to these criteria, a building is meant as a structure designed for use as a residential, office (commercial) or industrial premises. The essential characteristic of the building is the presence of floors. Thus, the described rating obviously does not include television and radio towers.

Criteria for measuring the height of the building (in all cases, measurements are made from the lowest significant entrance to the building):

structural height of the building – height from the level of the sidewalk to the highest point of the structural elements of the building.
This is the main criterion. It is used in the ranking of the highest buildings.
to the highest available floor – building height to the floor level of the highest available floor of the building.
to the tip of the antenna/spire – the height of the building to the highest point of the antenna, spire, etc.

The development of technologies for steel, reinforced concrete, and water pressure pumps, as well as the invention of safe elevators, allowed to increase the height of buildings tenfold, which is especially in demand in megacities, where the cost of building area is high.