Container 3D Models

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Container – standardized reusable packaging intended for the carriage of goods by road, rail, sea and air transport and adapted for mechanized transshipment from one vehicle to another. It can be made of various materials and have various forms. In transport, the most widely used so-called universal containers.

Containers often make bulky equipment (for example, ice skating chillers), as well as small tanks (the so-called tank containers).

Containers were popularized after World War II when the United States used wooden containers first and then Container Express steel containers (abbreviated as ConEx) 6x6x6 feet. ConEx was widely used to transport military goods, especially during the Korean War, but intermodality was not used.  American entrepreneur Malcolm McLean and engineer Keith Tantlinger developed a system of modern intermodal containers in the 1950s.

Intermodal (intermodal) in this context implies the possibility of changing the mode (mode) of transportation (ships, railway transport, and vehicles) without the need to unload/load the contents of the container.

The first transportation by container was carried out in April 1956. These experiments were so successful that they were later called the beginning of the shipping revolution.