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Lancia Automobiles S.p.A. – Italian automotive company. The main production is located in Turin, Italy. Founded in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia.

On November 27, 1906, the famous racer Vincenzo, together with his companion Claudio Fogolin, founded the firm Fabbrica Automobili Lancia in Turin.

A year later, on September 23, the first car left the factory gates. It was a model of 18-24 HP. Later, on the advice of his older brother, he began to call his cars the letters of the Greek alphabet. Naturally, the first model was named Alpha. In 1908, based on the Alpha, the Dialpha model was made with a six-cylinder engine. In 1913, the Theta model appeared. It was on this model that electric lighting was serially installed for the first time (other manufacturers offered it as an option). Also, Theta was remembered as a very reliable car.

In 1972, Beta model with transversely mounted engines, each with two upper camshafts, appeared on the market. In 1972, the sports model Stratos was created with a mid-engine layout. This car was installed engine V6 Ferrari Dino with a capacity of 190 horsepower. For three years in a row, Stratos has won the World Rally Championship. In 1984, the Lancia Thema was released, which was a converted Fiat Croma. Since 1994, customers are offered an 8-seat wagon with increased capacity Zeta, unified with the Fiat Ulysse, Peugeot 806 and Citroen Evasion.

Most popular Lancia 3D models:

  • Stratos
  • Delta Integrale
  • Fulvia

The greatest success in auto racing Lancia reached in the rally. The team won the last international rally championship for manufacturers in 1972 at Fulvia. In the team standings, the World Rally Championship Lancia won 10 times. Three times (1974, 1975 and 1976), the team won a specially created for the rally model Lancia Stratos HF “group 4”