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3D Models of Commercial Aircraft Airplanes Jet.

Commercial aircraft, airliner – an aircraft designed and equipped for the transport of passengers and baggage. Unlike multi-purpose transport aircraft, passenger aircraft have separate compartments for transporting people and cargo, or do not have an additional cargo compartment at all.

For a long time, the design of airliners was influenced by global legislative restrictions, according to which twin-engined airplanes could not lay a route more than 1 hour away from a nearby airport suitable for landing. For this reason, all long-haul aircraft flying over the oceans were designed with three and four engines. Through the efforts of Boeing to promote its twin-engine model, the Boeing 767, in the mid-80s, ETOPS standards were introduced, thanks to which twin-engine aircraft could be removed from the nearest airports for 90, 120, 180 or more minutes. This allowed manufacturers to develop large twin-engine long-haul aircraft such as the Boeing 777 and Airbus A330, which, because of their efficiency, began to displace aircraft everywhere with more than two engines.

Modern passenger planes are little different from those that appeared in the 60s. Nowadays, the main focus is on improving aircraft engines, with the aim of improving fuel efficiency and reducing noise, improving avionics and facilitating the airframe design through the use of new generation materials, including those based on composites. A new word in the application of composite materials in passenger aviation was the Boeing 787 aircraft, in which the proportion of composite materials is about 50%.