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Tennis Sports 3D Models on Flatpyramid.

Tennis is a sport in which either two players compete or two teams consisting of two players (“double game”). The task of the opponents –  is using racquets to send the ball to the opponent’s side so that he cannot reflect it, no more than after the first drop of the ball on the playing field on the opponent’s half.

Modern game has the official name of lawn-tennis to distinguish it from real-tennis (or de-pom in the French version of the name) – an older variety, which is played indoors and on a completely different type of court.

Tennis is an Olympic sport.

A direct predecessor of a modern game is considered to be an indoor game, which until the end of the 19th century had the same name, and is currently known as real tennis, or de-pom. Je-de-pom, in which up to 12 people could play simultaneously, appeared in the XI century, apparently in monasteries. Initially, in this game, as in the hand pelote, the ball was beaten off by hand, then gloves, bits appeared, and finally, in the 16th century, rackets and a net. At the same time, the peak of popularity of Gyo-de-poma, which was played by French, English and Spanish kings of that time.