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3D Auto Collections of Cars, buses, minivans, sedans, and sports cars.

The history of the car began in 1768 with the creation of steam-powered machines capable of transporting a person. Machines operating on electricity appeared briefly at the beginning of the 20th century, but almost completely disappeared from sight until the beginning of the 21st century, when interest in low-toxic and environmentally friendly transport reappeared.

Usually, the modern era is defined as the 25 years preceding the present moment. However, there are some technical aspects and design concepts that distinguish modern cars from old ones. Without considering the future of the car, the modern era has become an era of growing standardization, common platforms and computer design.

The most important trends in the global automotive industry at the beginning of the XXI century include special attention to improving the environmental and economic performance of internal combustion engines (catalytic converters and diesel engines of new generation, new types of fuels, including biofuels), the creation of hybrid systems (internal combustion engines + electric motor + battery), higher levels safety (see above), improved road performance (four-wheel drive, electronic driving assistance systems), and the “intellectualization” of the car as a whole.

Some particularly noteworthy developments in the modern era have been the widespread front and all-wheel drive, the introduction of a diesel engine and the widespread use of fuel injection. Although all of the above were first used previously, they dominate the current market so much that it is enough just to miss their importance. Virtually all modern passenger cars have a bearing body, front-wheel drive, and transverse engine layout, but this design was considered radically innovative in the 60s.

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