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3D Models of Shields on Flatpyramid.

A shield is a type of weapon designed to protect against cold hand and throwing weapons and to some extent from firearms.

Shields appeared in ancient times, but by the Late Middle Ages, their value had decreased due to the improvement of armor and the development of fencing. With the spread of firearms, shields have lost their combat value. However, in subsequent years in Europe there was a production of decorative shields (which were a replica of medieval shields, but were not intended for practical use – they served to decorate the rooms in the castles and palaces of the aristocracy).

During the First World War, in the conditions of a positional war, metal shields again became widespread to protect infantrymen.

Shields are of great symbolic importance in the culture and mythology of various peoples of the world. In a number of myths, shields play an important role. In the religion of pagan peoples, a special shield was revered as a sacred sign of divine protection.

In Greece, the invention of the shield is attributed to the brothers Preto and Acrisius during the war between the twins for power in Argos. Some shields were given to the heroes by the gods, such shields had supernatural properties. The shield of Achilles was made by Hephaestus, and by his shield Achilles, as if on a map, could find any place on earth. In the myth of Perseus, the hero kills Medusa the Gorgon, looking at the reflection in Athena’s polished copper shield.
in ancient Rome, Ankil was known – the shield of the god Mars, which according to legend fell from the sky and cured a pestilence. The Romans kept in the sanctuary the shield itself and 11 copies of this shield.

The drawings on the surface of the shield and other elements of its design played an extremely important role for many primitive peoples. The shields of the North American Indians of the Great Plains region, who attributed to this design important protective and mystical properties, are especially well known in this respect.