Halls 3D Models

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3D Architectural Halls Objects royalty free for 3D computer graphics modeling.

Hall – a room mainly in a public building (in a theater, cinema, hotel, etc.) intended for visitors to stay while waiting (a session, a performance, a service, etc.). The lobby can be used for public relaxation during intermission and as a venue for events, especially before the performance and during recess. It can be used as a place for celebrations in general or celebrations after the performance.

Usually, the hall is a large, specially designed hall, but sometimes it is the corridor surrounding the main hall. It is furnished and made spacious enough so that viewers can walk, get together and relax. The foyer is usually decorated with works of art, arranging in it permanent or temporary exhibitions related to the activities of the institution. Also, the lobby can have lounges or buffet. In addition, the lobby may be the main venue for some events, such as the opening day, meetings with artists, actors, etc.

Many office buildings, hotels, and skyscrapers go to great lengths to decorate their halls, to create an indelible impression, to convey a unique image.

The foyer of a residential building is usually a small entrance room or a room at the front door. From the lobby, entrance to other common rooms, such as the living room, dining room, and toilet, is usually made. As a rule, from the lobby do direct access to the main staircase. Initially, the lobby was conceived as a vestibule separating the heated rooms from the front and was usually used to store outerwear.

models available for download in different formats including max obj fbx