Refrigerator 3D Models

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3D Models of Refrigerator Fridge, Appliances for the Kitchen.

There are also commercial refrigerators with greater cooling capacity, which are used in catering establishments and in stores and industrial refrigerators, the volume of the working chamber of which can reach tens and hundreds of cubic meters, they are used, for example, in meat processing plants, industrial productions.

They are can be divided into two types: medium temperature chambers for food storage and low-temperature freezers.

Freezer – a separate appliance or component of the refrigerator, designed for freezing and storing food. The temperature in the freezer is usually −21 ° C. Recently, the most widespread two-chamber freezers, which include both components. The first two-compartment ones were manufactured by General Electric.

Storage rooms filled with ice appeared thousands of years ago. For the emperor Nero, servants harvested snow and ice on frozen ponds in the mountains. In the Dark Ages, Southern Europe for a long time did not even suspect that snow and ice could be of benefit to the economy. The famous traveler and merchant Marco Polo, after a long stay in China, wrote a book in which he described all the advantages of ice and snow.

Starting from the 18th century, earthenware and porcelain containers were filled with bottles of wine, after which crushed ice was placed on top. A peculiar refrigerator was served straight to the table.