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The urinary system 3d models is a system of organs that form, accumulate and excrete urine in humans. Consists of a pair of kidneys, two ureters, bladder and urethra. The analogue of invertebrates is Nefridium.

The kidneys are the organs of a bean-shaped form, measuring 10–12 cm in length, 5–6 cm in width, and 3–4 cm in thickness, located in the retroperitoneal space, near the lumbar spine. The kidneys are surrounded by perinephral fat; up and several anterior to the kidneys are the adrenal glands. The kidney performs many functions – the concentration of urine, the maintenance of electrolyte and acid-base homeostasis. The kidney secretes and reabsorbs (reabsorbs) electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, etc.) under the control of local and systemic hormones (renin-angiotensin system).

In humans, the bladder is a hollow muscular organ located retroperitoneally in the pelvis. The bladder serves to accumulate urine. The capacity of the bladder an average of 500-700 ml and is subject to large individual fluctuations. The size of the bladder varies depending on its stretching contents. In the absence of disease, the bladder can safely hold 300 ml of urine for 2-5 hours.

The final part of the excretory system is the urethra (urethra). The urethra differs in men and women – in men it is long and narrow (22-24 cm long, up to 8 mm wide), and in women – short and wide. In the male body, ducts that carry sperm also open into the urethra.