Train Parts 3D Models

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Train Parts 3D models consist of many different parts.

The main frame is an all-metal supporting structure that perceives the weight of body equipment and serves to transfer traction and braking forces, dynamic and shock loads that occur during train movement. The frame of the motor car consists of front, intermediate and end parts. The frontal part of the frame consists of welded beams reinforced with ribs and belt sheets; a frame was provided in the frame, which served to install a diesel engine on the motor trolley. The intermediate part of the frame consists of a side, middle longitudinal, transverse and pivot beams. The end part of the frame consists of buffer and transverse beams, braces. The design of the frame of the intermediate car is similar, except for the absence of a frontal part in it.

The car body is a rigid full-carrying welded metal structure, which is located on the frame and serves to accommodate passengers and equipment and protect them from weathering. The car body of a diesel train was made of longitudinal and transverse elements covered with steel sheet. The side machine body consists of window and door pillars fastened together, to which smooth steel sheets are fastened. The roof was made of longitudinal beams fastened together and transverse arcs to which smooth steel sheets were also fastened. The car bodies were designed to operate diesel trains in areas with low platforms but could be adapted for use in areas with high platforms.

The engine room is located in the motor cars behind the driver’s cab. Then followed a small compartment, originally used as luggage and had 5 folding seats, with no luggage used to accommodate passengers. He was followed by the vestibule, then – the passenger compartment, followed by the toilet and the second vestibule. In trailers, most of the interior space was reserved for the passenger compartment, on both sides of which were vestibules; in the vestibules of all cars on the walls there are two ashtrays installed.

Train Parts 3D models file formats: 3ds fbx c4d lwo ma mb hrc xsi obj