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Trailer 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Trailer – a vehicle intended to be driven only in conjunction with another vehicle. This type of vehicle also includes semi-trailers and trailers-exemptions.

Trailers are divided by the distribution of the load weight between the tractor and trailer:

The trailer is a self-sufficient vehicle and can cling to any drawbar with the aid of a drawbar through a coupling device (for example, a “hook-loop” system). The weight of the load is transmitted to the road through the support frame of the trailer and then exclusively through its own wheels; The connection of the trailer to the tractor is used only to transfer the traction effort.

The semi-trailer is aggregated with a specialized saddle tractor through the coupling device (“saddle”) of the tractor with the help of a coupling pin. The weight of the load is fully transmitted to the support frame of the trailer, and then distributed between the own wheels of the semitrailer and the wheels of the tractor. The connection of a trailer to a tractor is used both for the transmission of this load, and the traction effort. The semi-trailer can not move without being tied to the tractor; To ensure its stability, at this time it is provided with folding or retractable racks.
The dissolution is a hybrid of a trailer and a semitrailer and is intended for transportation of long-distance cargoes in a special auto-train. The cargo carried is based on special logs – so called. “Conics”: in the front part – on the horse-drawn car, in the rear – on the conics of the dissolution; At the same time, the weight of the load is partially transferred to the tractor, and in part – the support frame and the wheels of disengagement. To ensure the transfer of the traction effort, the disintegration is equipped with a constant or variable length discharger; sometimes the role of the carriage is carried by the long-distance cargo itself.

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