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Many examples of cave art, open to date, contain images of ritual ceremonial scenes. Despite the fact that the actions captured in these images cannot be attributed solely to the modern concept of sports, it can still be concluded that even then there were exercises and rituals resembling sports activities. These images from France, Africa and Australia were taken 30,000 years ago. In Mongolia, found dating back to the seventh millennium BC. e. rock art of crowd-surrounded wrestlers. The rock carvings found in Japan depict sumo fights, apparently related to agricultural religious rituals.

There are objects and buildings that indicate that in China there was an activity suitable for the modern definition of sports, already 4000 years BC. Apparently, gymnastics was a popular sport in ancient China. In the 1st millennium BC. e. “Zhu ke” was popular among the common people – a team ball game in which there were up to 70 types of shots and up to 10 types of violations of the rules. The Sumerian civilization left a number of artifacts to archeologists that testify to the popularity of wrestling in ancient Mesopotamia, including stone bas-reliefs some five thousand years old and a bronze statuette from Khafaji depicting fighters dating from about 2600 BC. e. The same period includes picturesque images of fighters in the ancient Egyptian tombs of Beni Hassan, showing that already 4.5 thousand years ago most modern captures were used in the fight. Images of this era may indicate that Libyans and Nubians participated in wrestling competitions, as well as the presence of refereeing. More ancient images can also be interpreted as evidence of race competitions, with the help of which, perhaps, rulers were even chosen. In ancient Persia, there was an equestrian game called chautam, resembling polo. This game, like chess, shooting, javelin throwing, wrestling and running, was taught in special educational buildings at the court.

In Central America, the Mesoamerican ball game developed, including among the Olmec people, as early as the 14th century BC. e. There were different types of games in which it was allowed to hit the ball with different parts of the body or with a club, found playgrounds with rings fixed at different ends at high altitude indicate the possible existence of similarity to modern basketball. The ball game was used by the peoples of America to resolve controversial issues (including disputes over territory) and was often ritual in nature, especially during the heyday of Mayan culture; a defeat in a game could turn into death for the losers who were sacrificed.