Sofa 3D Models

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Furniture was specially created for relax and rest. What could be better than to dive into an interesting book or enjoy football with friends, comfortably seating on a sofa. Is it a sofa? Or maybe it’s a sofa or couch? The variety of these pieces of furniture is represented on the modern 3D modeling market, but what differences exist between them?

Sofa – a wide sofa in which the back and armrests have the same height. In Europe, the sofa is known from the XVII century, where it came from the East (Ottoman Empire). The sofa was usually placed in aristocratic living rooms and was intended for daytime rest in a sitting position. The frame of the sofa was made of fine wood (cedar, larch), the upholstery was made of silk or leather, and removable (furniture) pillows for greater rigidity were stuffed with sheep wool or horsehair.

The differences between the sofa and the couch practically do not exist. Nowadays, the sofa is called a small sofa, which has a wide seat. The product differs in that its back and armrests are located on the same length. Such furniture can be equipped with a transformation mechanism and a box for laundry.

3D artists usually create 3D models of these pieces of furniture in different fileformats, like: .3ds .dxf .c4d .dae .png .obj