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    Hummer Logo
    3ds max fbx c4d lwo ma mb hrc xsi obj

Hummer 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Hummer is a rebranding name for a civilian vehicle created on the basis of an HMMWV military vehicle.

The philosophy of the army off-road vehicle, capable of traveling both on the highway and off-road under the conditions of warfare, was born and went through a rich practice during the Second World War. “Car-soldier” – such a respectful definition received Jeep Willys in the American army. After the war, these off-road vehicles for various purposes were adopted in the armies of all countries of the world. By the end of the 70s of the XX century, the Pentagon developed new increased requirements for the future army off-road vehicle, which was to become the main small universal vehicle for the US Army. The main requirements for the future car: high traffic off-road, including longitudinal and transverse stability, small size, visibility, and transportability, including airplanes, helicopters and convertible planes, reliability and maintainability, the ability to transport the trailer, the ability to become a “platform” for a large number of special modifications.

In 1981, the Humvee was adopted by the United States and became world famous after participating in the Gulf War against Iraq. Today, the Humvee is in service with many countries in the world and is produced in various modifications, which makes it truly a multi-purpose military vehicle.