Parts 3D Models

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3D Models of Industrial Parts available in 3ds max maya lwo poser obj fbx xsi c4d dwg dfx lws for download.

Part – made, manufactured, or subject to manufacture the product, which is part of the machine, or any technical design, made from a homogeneous in structure and material properties without the use of any assembly operations.

Parts are combined in nodes.

Drawing a drawing of the original part is called detailing.

Details are distinguished by several criteria.

By destination
Fastening: nut, washer, bolt, screw, screw, nail, rivet, etc.
Transmission: shaft, spline, pulley, belt, asterisk, gear, etc.

By simplicity of form
Simple details: nut, spline, etc.
Difficult details: crankshaft, gearbox housing, machine bed, etc.

By specialization
General engineering purposes: bolts, shafts, couplings, mechanical transmissions, etc.
Special purpose: pistons, turbine blades, propellers, etc.