Digger 3D Models

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3D Models of Digger Vehicles for Industrial use for 3D modeling and rendering of graphics.

Digger – the main type of earthmoving machines equipped with a bucket. The main purpose is the development of soils (rocks, minerals) and loading of bulk materials.

The main difference of the single-bucket excavator from other earth-moving machines is that the excavation (excavation) of the soil is carried out by a movable working body with a fixed chassis. Rotation of the bucket for unloading is also performed when the machine is standing. Bucket shovels can move during the ground gathering, but buckets necessarily move separately from the chassis.

Diggers are used during construction and demolition of residential buildings, road construction, as well as in quarries and mines.
Structurally, excavators consist of working (usually replaceable), undercarriage (chassis) and power equipment. The workplace of the excavator, working bucket, called the face. A feature of excavators is a wide range of interchangeable equipment – not only different buckets but also booms, handles, pile masts, as well as the actual working tools: excavation buckets, loading, clamshell two- and multi-maxillaries, rippers, hooks.