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3D Headphones Audio royalty free for 3D computer graphics modeling.

Stereophonic earphones – two phones with a headband, designed to be connected to consumer electronic devices. Headphones are a pair of small-sized headsets or a headphone unit that is worn on the head or inserted directly into the ear canals. Earphones are often used in everyday life and in professional activities for voice communication and listening to music and speech, when mobility or sound insulation from the surrounding space is necessary. Headphones with a microphone attached to them form a headset. Sometimes in professional activity, instead of a pair, one single earpiece is used, it is called a monitor.


monitor (studio) – this type has the highest and frequency-balanced sound quality, earphones are designed to work in recording studios. In order for the sound engineer to hear minor recording defects, monitor headphones have very high sound details, especially at high frequencies, which, however, limits their use in the domestic environment, as many music lovers consider such detailing (revealing all the extraneous and background noises, cracking microphones and p.) unnecessary and unpleasant, especially for old and live recordings;

consumer – intended for non-professional use. Such headphones may have a deliberately frequency-balanced sound, highlighting, for example, low frequencies or mid frequencies. In such headphones, more attention is paid to design.