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3D Models of the aircraft interiors including airplane’s seats, service stations, cabin, and other interior scenes.

Commercial airlines began to separate the full-fledged and discounted (in terms of cost of tickets) economic classes of passenger service and aircraft interiors in the late 1970s. In 1976, KLM introduced the Full Fare Facilities (FFF) service for passengers who bought a full-price economy class ticket that allowed them to occupy the front row seats directly behind the first-class seats. This concept quickly became popular and was copied by other airlines, including Air Canada. United Airlines and Trans World Airlines experimented with a similar approach to the division into three classes of service in 1978 but later abandoned this idea due to the negative feedback from passengers of the discount economy class, which seemed to decrease their level of service. The United Company also had several cases of confusion with passengers, which they could not identify to their proper places in economy class on connecting flights. American Airlines also began separating full economy class from a discount in 1978, offering emergency exits with more legroom for passengers of full economy class.

Around the same time, rumors began to circulate among workers in the aviation industry that supersonic airplanes monopolize the air transport market for passengers who pay more than others for their tickets, and that the market for three classes of tickets (first, premium and discount) -economic) is divided into a super-sound first class, and a reactive business and economic. In 1977, the Israeli airline El Al announced plans to reschedule airplanes with a small compartment for the first class and a larger business class, hoping that the majority of passengers on trans-Atlantic flights traveling first class would transfer to the Concorde.

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